Oracle SQL


Mastering Oracle Database 12c SQL by example

Plug into the next gen cloud databases! Take your learning to the next level and become a top skilled SQL developer.

In the “Mastering Oracle Database 12c SQL by example” course, students learn how to use SQL’s best practices to query and manipulate data held in Oracle relational databases.

What distinguishes this course from others SQL courses?

This course is a media-rich learning experience! It will take your learning to the next level with lectures that will provide you an effective learning method, consisting of:

A brief and summarized theoretical component that will save your time reading the exhaustive Oracle SQL documentation presenting you just the fundamental and essential learning topics.

A Virtual Class Module that will plug you into a class environment, where you can learn by example, with plenty of demonstrations that will show you how to implement SQL’s best practices using the Oracle Database

Practice is the key of success! You can practice the several hands-on exercises available at the end of each lecture including lecture quizzes at any time and anywhere you want.

 Why should you take this course?

If you are new to SQL, this course will be a fast and effective way for you to learn this language and become a skilled SQL developer.For theintermediate, the advanced topics provide new implementation approaches, including the newest SQL 12c features, that I’m sure will be a plus for your daily challenges using SQL and improve the way you perform your Oracle Database related tasks.

Since my goal is to provide every student with an exceptional learning experience, when you enroll this course expect my online support to clarify any doubt or question you may have throughout the course.

Instructional Level: All levels (comprehensive)



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