Welcome to ODA

Welcome to Oracle Developers Academy!

Join the vast community of Oracle Database developers and participate in this media-rich learning experience using Oracle Database products. Take your learning to the next level and enroll ODA’s most popular courses!

Mastering Oracle SQL 12c by example

Mastering Oracle SQL 12c by example

What ODA has to offer:

We empower you to learn Oracle Database related products and technologies online by providing you the latest contents and resources in our newest media-rich learning platform. We welcome all students that want either to start learning how to use Oracle database products or the experienced ones that aim for the latest updates on a specific product or technology.

What will you benefit when enrolling ODA courses:

Save your money! Sometimes enrolling a 4 digit course doesn’t mean you’ll have the key of success in your hands. How many times have you enrolled  a 1 week and expensive course expecting to have enough lab time that would improve your skills and at the end of the course you just had 1 or 2 hours of practice?  ODA courses were designed to satisfy the needs of students that want to learn by example and want to know “why is done…” instead of the Google style “how is done…”

Save your time! ODA courses provide a brief and summarized theoretical component to save your time reading the exhaustive Oracle SQL documentation giving you just the fundamental and essential learning topics, what you need to know!

Matching your expectations! At least 80% of ODA course content is practice! Turn your desktop,tablet or mobile into a virtual class room. Practice content includes Lab exercises, screencasts and quizzes.

Online Support! When enrolling ODA courses, you can send your doubts or questions about any course topic to our experts. A reply will be sent to you in a 24h time frame

Navigate through our website to get to know our Courses in more detail!

Happy learning!

The ODA team


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